Training Programs

  • Aboriginal Service Delivery – Building Social Value and Business Success
    How to increase quality, effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery to Aboriginal clients
  • Person Centred Planning – Making a Difference
    How to create a culturally contextualised support plan that maximises opportunities for the client to pursue a life of choice, inclusiveness and wellbeing
  • Achieving Wellbeing and Avoiding Burnout
    Explores the concept of wellbeing and the importance of work/life balance. Provides insights into avoiding compassion fatigue and how to build confidence and resilience
  • Supporting Aboriginal Staff
    Provides managers and supervisors of Aboriginal staff with insights on the challenges Aboriginal staff face and support mechanisms and tools that will enable staff to excel in their roles
  • Planning for a Rewarding Career
    Provides tools, structure and insights on how to develop a career plan that supports wellbeing and reflects personal values, skills and life goals
  • Aboriginal Service Delivery – A Strategic Discussion
    Provides organisational executives with tools, cultural insights and strategic discussion that will enable their organisation to maximise outcomes against the quadruple bottom line of cultural vitality, social equity, economic prosperity and environmental sustainability
  • Corporate Leadership – A New Way of Thinking
    Provides organisations with a new way of thinking about what it takes to become a leader and how to be an exceptional leader once you are in that role.